Connecting sailors to their sport

Creating simple, sophisticated and sustainable products

Our Experience

Racegeek was born out of our own frustration when trying to put together a decent electronics package for a Quarter Tonner campaign.

We bring our decades of experience in technology and our passion for the sport of sailing together to develop and design cutting edge products that are simple to use but sophisticated in their ability to help sailors and the sport improve.

Our Philosophy

Racegeek is about creating exceptional products that work out of the box to deliver valuable information in an easy to digest format.

We believe in creating racing tech that is able to address the various needs of the day sailor and the hard core professional world class racegeek... ...without breaking the bank.

Our Team

Sailing Geeks with a passion for racing and technology

JC Durbin

JC Durbin

"There's just coffee in this, right?"

JC is wildly curious about the world and enjoys the act of creation. He brings two decades of technological development experience and over 3 decades of sailing experience together to create racegeek.

"You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm."
-Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

"Better lucky than good"
- S/V Cri Cri

Ric Morris

Ric Morris

"It's all bout the pickled dellish"

An engineer and product manager in the tech and mobile industries Ric's introduction to racegeek started with a three bears argument with JC. Too simple, too expensive, just right - if only it existed. And from that argument the d10 was born.

"ah for f**ks sake"
-Traditional Irish saying

"Wet boat?"
-Main trimmer
"What is this? The Poseidon Adventure?"

Development Team

Field testers and providers of words of wisdom

  • Graeme Grant
  • Martin O'Leary
  • Des MCWilliam
  • Mel Collins
  • Dane Ralston
  • Graeme Grant

    Graeme Grant

    470'er, match racer, Mothist, boat builder, coach, Mini campaigner, sailing renaissance man

  • Martin O'Leary

    Martin O'Leary

    Nav'ed Early Bird to a Swan 45 World Championship, Palma del Vela, St Tropez and YES! to a Cowes Week overall. Bowman for Irelands 2010 Commodores Cup win. 2 time All Ireland champion. 2 time match racing National Champion.

  • Des MCWilliam

    Des MCWilliam

    Sail making Godfather and owner of UK Sailmakers Ireland

  • Mel Collins

    Mel Collins

    Renowned helmsman and All Ireland champion

  • Dane Ralston

    Dane Ralston

    Outgoing Chairman of Scottish Series, 3 time UK IRC National Champion as tactician, 15 time National Champion and class winner at Cowes, Cork and Dun Laoghaire Weeks as a helm or tactician.



Class Legal

Our products are legal in all your favorite classes



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