How to Update D10

1.  Download  & Install d10 Updater

When installing choose "Create Shortcut" to have a shortcut on your desktop
*** Visual Guide for downloading and executing files for each browser type ***


2. Download latest d10 software update

Unzip and save the RGOS.cyacd file. Remember where you save it.

3. Connect d10 to Power and put into "Update Mode"

d10 updateMode

4. Connect your PC to the WiFi of your d10

Your d10 WiFi name should look like: "racegeek-d10-12345678"

5. Open d10 Updater & Update d10

Either click on the shortcut for the d10 Updater on your desktop
or find the file at:  C:\Program Files\racegeek\d10 updater

Follow instructions on screen of the d10 Updater

d10 update tool

d10 updatingl

6. Troubleshooting

d10 error