d10 | Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on the purchase of your d10
Welcome to the racegeek family!

The d10 was built by racers for racers

Working from our own experience as active racing sailors and taking feedback and guidance from world class professionals we have combined the best technological elements available with an interface and functionality that is designed to deliver all you need on the race course in an easy to use format.

Your d10 will continue to improve

The d10 is a living instrument and it is important to keep it updated with the latest version of software

The d10 will improve and evolve as we continuously develop and refine the device based on feedback from our professional sailors and from you the racegeek community.

Because of this commitment to a continual improvement it is important that after purchasing your new d10 you update your device at your earliest convenience to ensure you are getting the best product that we can deliver.

Engage with the racegeek community

Racegeek Community and Analytics portal can be found at racegeek.io

We strongly encourage you to create a free account:

  • Register your d10 and activate your warranty
  • Receive updates on new features and updates as soon as they are released
  • Access to Cloud Storage, Analytics and Future Community Features of racegeek