• d10   |   The next generation of racing electronics
    d10 | The Next Generation of Racing

    it's all about the numbers

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d10 display white
    • Nail It

      Grab it

      Ping the wind
      Grab the line


      Top digits
      Boat Speed
      Mid digits
      Line Information

      D10 PreStart GPS

      Nail it

      Hit the right spot
      At the right time
      At the right speed

      Top digits
      Distance to Line
      Mid digits
      Heading & Line Bias*
      *Line Bias avail in Beta
    • Track the wind


      Sail fast


      Top digits
      Mid digits (options)
      Shift Angle
      Bottom (options)
      Mean Wind

      Track the shifts

      Tack Smart

      Know the shifts

      Top digits
      Mid digits
      Calculated mean wind for each tack
    • Don't Get Lost

      Get There

      Never lose the mark
      Sail shortest path


      Top digits
      Boat Speed
      Mid digits
      Turn to mark
      Bottom (options)
      Heading & Distance to Mark*
      Heading & Time To Mark*
      Heading & Course Over Ground*
      * in Beta
  • Don't Get Lost

    Like your own numbers?*

    Display what you want
    where you want it


    Top digits
    d10 NMEA data
    Mid digits
    d10 NMEA data
    User created names for telemetry

    *avail in Beta

  • Build your own

    Want something different?

    The features and functions of the d10 were designed in consultation with numerous diverse racers to develop a simple to use device that also has sophisticated functionality.

    We are committed to continue involving and listening to the community of racegeeks to let the product evolve. As features are added or upgraded these will all be available as free easily installed updates to the device.

  • Large Display

    Largest display of its kind with 60mm & 40mm digits and 35mm digital display.

    Wi-Fi Hub

    Connects all your wifi enabled devices

    Cloud Enabled Analytics*

    Automatically logs and uploads data to the cloud to analyze, view and share

    *avail 2018

    NMEA & Signal K

    Lets all your devices and sensors communicate

  • Built-in Functionality

    • GPS
    • Compass
    • Pitch, Roll, Heel
    • Shift Tracking
    • Average Wind Angle
    • Line Bias*

    *in Beta

    ...and more

    • Calibrated Boatspeed (SOG)
    • Course (COG)
    • Distance To Line
    • Turn (Angle to Mark)
    • Waypoints
    • Laylines*
    • Start Timer

    *avail 2018

    ...and more

    • Data Logging at 10hz*
    • WiFi connectivity for NMEA and smart devices
    • Direct connection for analog and 0183 devices
    • Display custom NMEA elements

    *avail 2018

    ...Analytics (Included) *

    • Uploads all racedata to cloud storage
    • Free access to BETA program for analytics

    *avail 2018

  • General

    • 190mm x 136mm x 24mm
      7.5" x 5.3" x .9"
    • 640g / 1.4lbs / .1 Stone
    • Touch sensitive buttons
    • White and red backlights
    • IP67


    • 60mm and 40mm LCD digits
    • 35 mm graphic display
    • Anti-Glare
    • Corning® Gorilla® Glass protective cover


    • State of the art 9 axis AHRS
    • 1 degree accuracy
    • 100 hz rate
    • gyroscope
    • accelerometer
    • magnetometer


    • 1.8m CEP
    • 10hz sampling
    • Cold Start - 39s
    • Acquire - 1s

    WiFi & Connectivity

    • Built in WiFi Access Point
    • NMEA0183
    • NMEA2000 (w/ external cable)
    • Analog

    Race Processor

    • 85Mhz modular hardware programable processor
    • 128MB onboard memory
    • Logs data at 10hz*
    • *avail 2018


    • @12v - 80mAh
      w/Backlight 120mAh
    • External Battery - 9-32v
      (not supplied)

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