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Make Progress

Make Progress

Take the guesswork out of improving your performance with Altus.

It felt fast but was it actually fast?

Integrated into racegeek's Cirrus platform, Altus provides the detailed analytics you need to get an objective measure to calibrate your performance, allowing you to dive into the individual manoeuvers and segments of the race.

Control the variables by sharing and comparing your performance to the boats around you and the best in your fleet.

Understand and Improve

Understand and Improve

We analyze and illuminate your race to give you a complete picture of what transpired.

View the entirety of your race or focus on upwind and downwind performance.

Zoom in and view individual legs, segments or manoeuvres of the race.

Quickly evaluate time at target, time on a lift and everything imaginable about each tack.

You choose the information that is important to you and determine how you want to view it - to optimize your ability to learn and improve.

Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

The d10 records everything 10 times a second, providing detailed insight into your manoeuvres.

Your race data can be uploaded at the end of each race or when you get ashore.

The data is offloaded automatically to any connected device with the racegeek a10 app installed and is uploaded and analyzed by our servers.

You dont have to do anything - just sail.