• d10   |   The next generation of racing electronics
    d10 | The Next Generation of Racing

    The Next Generation of Racing

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  • d10   |   The next generation of racing electronics

    The Next Generation of Racing

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    d10 | The Next Generation of Racing
Products designed by racers for racers

Products designed by racers for racers

Everything we build is designed with you in mind.

The d10 utilises a large format display with an uncluttered design that makes it simple to get the information you need in any situation.

It works with the built in GPS and compass and off the shelf sensors to form the perfect tactical system for sports boats, small keel boats and performance cruisers.

The d10 display, APPs and cloud based analytics present extra detail with out distracting you from what's going on around you.

What you need  when you need it.

What you need
when you need it.

You dont need the same information before the start as you do when approaching the leeward mark - so why should your displays show you the same information, or force you to come off the rail to change them?

Our gear knows what you need to know and changes the information they display to provide you with the information you need to know right now to make the best decisions.

Performance analytics*

Performance analytics*

Tracks and records all your data at 10x/second. Seamlessly uploads and analyzes your data to our cloud service using the built in WiFi.

Log on to the free analysis portal for a summary of the days racing and to compare your performance with other racegeek users.

Delve into the detail with Number Junkie™ and Number Cruncher™ packages.

* avail 2018


  • d10 | Display

    Large Display

    Largest display of its kind with 60mm & 40mm digits and 35mm digital display.

    Wi-Fi Hub

    Connects all your wifi enabled devices

    Cloud Enabled Analytics*

    Automatically logs and uploads data to the cloud to analyze, view and share

    *avail 2018

    NMEA & Signal K

    Lets all your devices and sensors communicate

    Read more

  • w10 | Watch App and Remote


    Grab the gun, change the screen, respond to events - all from your wrist

    Vibration Indicators

    Got a skipper who pinches? Set the indicator for wind angle and strap this on

    Grab Bearings

    Clear ahead or clear behind? Take couple bearings and find out

    Pin & Committee

    Sail to the pin and committe and with a touch grab the line

    Role specific info

    Need different information than whats on display at the mast? Put it on your wrist


    Add biometric information to your data and analytics

    Available 2018

  • t10 | Tactical App

    Daylight Viewable

    All screens have daylight viewable options to maximize readability in all conditions

    Tracks Behaviour

    Tracks, uploads and analyzes performance and behaviour on a situational basis


    Makes tactical recommendations for sails, gear settings, sailing angles and more

    Course Management

    Popular club courses available for download and easy interface to create your own and upload and share

    Track Settings

    Track your different upwind and downwind control settings to optimze them

    Sail Management

    Monitor usage and track performance with different sail plans and sail makers

    Currently In Beta


D10 | Tactical Display

  • d10 Display
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Cable
  • Racegeek Apps (on release)
  • Racegeek Online Account
  • 1 GB Cloud Storage**
  • Performance Analytics**
  • **avail 2018

(Incl. 23% tax)

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